Elevating Saffron Production to New Heights

With Swedish Precision Automation

Our Journey

Established in the heart of Stockholm in 2021, BlueRedGold AB is the culmination of years of rigorous research and meticulous production trials.

In 2022, we achieved a groundbreaking milestone: the launch of the first-ever, industrial-grade, controlled indoor cultivation and year-round saffron production in Åkers Styckebruk, Sweden. This achievement was swiftly followed by our foray into the realms of robotics and automation, underscoring our commitment to innovation and precision.

BlueRedGold is Environmentally friendly Premium Saffron through automated hydroponic vertical indoor growing systems.

Today, we proudly serve our premium saffron to a global clientele. From discerning online customers to renowned entities within the restaurant and food sectors, our reach is extensive. Additionally, our collaboration with local entrepreneurs and gourmet partners ensures that our saffron graces the tables of connoisseurs worldwide.

Introducing the Industry Advisory Team

At the heart of BlueRedGold's success is a formidable assembly of experts and visionaries, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to our mission.

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Food and Plant Division

Anchored by specialists in Food Technology and Plant Research, this team is dedicated to ensuring the premium quality and sustainability of our saffron.

Sandra Flodström

Sustainability, quality & food safety

30+ years in the food industry CSR, audits, sustainability and quality, food science, food legislation and corporate communication.


Arca Kromwijk

Wageningen Plant Research

30+ years experience of research in plant physiology with a focus on bulb crops. Research on indoor saffron production.


Filip Van Noort

Wageningen Plant Research

30+ years experience as crop specialist; indoor farming, crop production with a focus on tropical crops and saffron.


Executive Board

A dynamic ensemble of seasoned strategists, brand architects, and sales mavens, they steer the company with a forward-thinking approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Björn Öste

Serial entrepreneur.

Co-founder of Oatly & Good Idea. Food tech investor. Member o.t. board Vertical Harvest Inc. Global brand building & biz within food tech, CEA, and metabolic health.


Karin Ljunggren

Board member and investor.

Business advisor with 15+ years of experience from supporting mgmt teams in their strategic and biz development work.


Jonas L. Gadd

Chairman of the board and investor.

Business advisor with 15+ years experience from supporting mgmt teams in their strategic and operational work


Jan Enhager

Board member and investor.

Serial entrepreneur and founder of e.g. Vitamin Well and Nocco. Business advisor and food industry marketing expert.


AI and Robotics Unit

Our future-driven AI and Robotics team brings cutting-edge automation and intelligence to our processes, ensuring precision, efficiency, and innovation at every turn.

Robert Luciani

AI expert and cofounder.

Advisor in High Performance Computing and AI.


Tommy G Klein

Advisor Robotics and investor.

30+ years experience in senior positions within ABB, SKF, etc. with a focus on robotics and automation.


BlueRedGold Team Operations

Housing unparalleled expertise, our operations team boasts world-class knowledge in indoor saffron farming, a journey of innovation that began in 2017. Through their tireless efforts, we've transitioned from a Proof of Concept to the successful establishment of our inaugural commercial farm, marking the triumphant realization of our first harvest.

This dedicated team stands as the backbone of BlueRedGold, ensuring that every grain of saffron we produce is of the highest calibre.

Mikael Öhman

Founder and Head of production

Mikael is the founder and visionary behind our mission.

Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Operations Expert, Ag Tech Developer.


Helena Liljedahl

CEO and Head of marketing & sales

Entrepreneur, branding, strategy, commercializing from start-up to volume sales and international expansion.


Kristian Bengmark

Senior Business Developer

Gourmet food professional.
B2B sales.


Fahimeh Shabani

Food & Beverage

Market researcher and digital content creator with insights and experience in food and beverage markets.

Liisa Wikman Production Quality Control at BlueRedGold Premium Saffron

Liisa Wikman

Production Quality Control

Farm developer with focus on quality.

Christopher Lindqvist Technical engineering at BlueRedGold Premium Saffron

Christopher Lindqvist

Technical engineering

Farm developer with focus on technical engineering.

Fredrik Löfgren, Automation Development at BlueRedGold Premium Saffron

Fredrik Löfgren + Team

Automation Development

Fredrik and his team of developers performs R&D in automation and Robotics.

Apply Now

Horticultural Engineer

We are currently actively looking for a horticultural engineer to assist with R&D in Saffron Cultivation.

Get in contact with Mikael Öhman for more information.


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