100% Swedish top class saffron all year round!
With fresh saffron of the highest quality grown in Sweden, cooking and baking can be a pleasure throughout the year. Saffron give a phenomenal taste impression and works great in both hot and cold drinks, dishes and baked goods.
Thanks to our unique indoor cultivation of saffron in Åkers Styckebruk in Södermanland we can now enjoy fresh saffron all year round.

"It's great when a dream comes true - but this is just the beginning. The goal is to become a world leader in the saffron market in order to contribute to a sustainable ethical saffron production at all stages.”
Mikael Öhman, founder, innovator and CEO at BlueRedGold AB

BlueRedGold AB was founded in Stockholm in 2021 and started its indoor production of saffron in Åkers Styckebruk in the same year. Distribution takes place via retailers within the restaurant and food industry as well as via local entrepreneurs and partners who also protect Swedish-grown saffron and see opportunities for fresh saffron. The company currently consists of 3 employees and a wide network for expertise in industry.

Do you want to become a reseller or find out more?
If you want to be part of the future and become a retailer of Swedish fresh quality saffron then you are welcome to contact Kristian Bengmark.