(SWE) Press release: Pioneering the future of Saffron as Sweden’s next major export

(SWE) Press release: Pioneering the future of Saffron as Sweden’s next major export

Dive deeper into the innovative world of BlueRedGold with our latest press release. Uncover the details of our groundbreaking saffron cultivation project in Sweden and learn about our ambitious goals for the future.

For the full story and in-depth insights, download the press release here (Swedish). Get a closer look at how we're shaping the future of sustainable and ethical saffron production on a global scale.

BlueRedGold: Pioneering the future of Saffron as Sweden’s next major export

BlueRedGold, a Swedish innovator in saffron cultivation, is making headlines with its groundbreaking approach to producing saffron - a spice historically revered and sought-after globally. Located just outside Strängnäs, the company boasts the world's largest high-automated indoor saffron farm, renowned for its ethical and sustainable practices.

Revolutionizing Saffron cultivation

What sets BlueRedGold apart is not just the quality of its saffron, which is already attracting gourmet restaurants and health product manufacturers worldwide, but also its commitment to large-scale, environmentally conscious production. The company's state-of-the-art facility employs hydroponic and vertical farming techniques, dramatically reducing land usage to less than one percent compared to traditional methods.

Year-round harvest with consistent quality

Unlike traditional saffron cultivation that limits harvest to once a year, BlueRedGold's controlled indoor environment, featuring three distinct climate zones, allows for year-round harvesting without compromising quality. The integration of AI in precision technology furthers innovation in the harvesting process, utilizing robots for delicate tasks.

Beyond cuisine: The health segment potential

"Saffron is commonly known for its role in culinary arts, but there’s immense commercial potential within the health sector, the fastest-growing segment in the saffron industry," says Mikael Öhman, founder of BlueRedGold. With a background in IT and logistics, Öhman sought to develop a method of food production in Sweden that minimizes environmental impact. Choosing one of the most challenging crops, saffron, he remarks, "Our next goal is to expand and by 2026, deliver over a ton of saffron, eventually becoming one of the world’s largest producers."

A visionary team

BlueRedGold's progress is steered by a renowned board and expert panel, comprising members from innovative logistics and food technology companies, along with branding experts in the food industry.

For more information, contact Helena Liljedahl at helena.liljedahl@blueredgold.com or call 070-467 30 24.