Our vision is to become the world's leading producer and marketeer of saffron.

By setting the standards for the highest quality, sustainably and ethically produced saffron, BlueRedGold will build a globally recognized and trusted brand supplying consumers, retail, food services and the consumer packaged food industry worldwide with saffron and innovative saffron products, and consequently drive the growth of the total saffron market.

This vision is being realized through BlueRedGolds leadership in CEA-produced saffron (Controlled Environment Agriculture) combining the best growth, harvesting, processing know-how and technologies.


Mikael Öhman

CEO & Founder

Mikael is the founder and visionary behind our mission. He's leading the  charge towards our desired future state, rallying us all around our mission to create sustainable solutions for controlled environment vertical farming, inspiring us all with his enormous passion for a more sustainable society.

Robert Luciani

Head Of AI R&D

Robert was the first to join in and contribute to our mission. His deep passion for efficiency, mathematics and his expertise developing enterprise grade logistics solutions powered by AI, is key to our innovative approach for automated sustainable yet scalable solutions for green foods production.

Fahimeh Shabani

Head of Food & Bewerage

Market researcher and digital content creator with insights and experience in food and beverage markets.

Kristian Bengmark

Senior Business Developer

Main focus on marketing & sales, and will also help at the farm or whatever is needed right now

Jeanette Lidman

Financial Advisor

Jaenette has extensive experience as a senior accountant and her expertise in cash flow modeling provides us with invaluable insights on structuring a financially sustainable growth process for scaling our saffron production.

Lucas Lilja

Excel Evangelist

Lucas is a excel wizard with vast experience in developing processes for business projects and thus he is the cornerstone in all of our business projections efforts.

Aladdin Persson

ML Engineer

Creator of our vision system.

Anna Wessman


Chef and  Artist who will help with content for recipes and social media.

Jose Ortega

Full stack developer

Advisory Board

Filip van Noort

Plant Researcher - Wageningen Uni.

Filip brings tremendous amounts of experience to the table in regards to indoor farming and crop production. His expertise positions BlueRedGold to select and evaluate key experiments we need to run in order to succeed with our ambition growing saffron in an automated controlled environment.

Arca Kromwijk

Plant Researcher - Wageningen Uni.n

Arca is an expert researcher on matters of plant physiology with  bulb crops specialization. She is one of the very few people who has done research on growing saffron indoors. As such she provides us with valuable insights on the conditions we need to meet in order to grow high quality saffron in a sustainable fashion.

Tommy Kline

Entrepreneur & Investor

Tommy has a long history of investing in, and working on, highly technical innovation initiatives, and provides us with insights and perspective for how we approach various automation challenges here at BlueRedGold.

Ulf E Andersson

Svensk Framtidsbevakning

Ulf provides us with insights on various approaches to environmental impact also contributing as a brand ambassador within a knowledgeable network of urban agricultural stakeholders.

Stefan Sonnerstedt

Business & Finance Advisor

Stefan has a long history of financing startups and provides us with guidance on how to manage investor relations and financial planning.

Rafael Perez Mendoza

Senior Data Scientist

Rafael provides us alternative insights as to how we can approach automated data gathering from both business and technical perspectives. His passion and knowledge for sustainable solutions and deep expertise in data science makes him an excellent contributor to our mission of sustainable green foods production.

Board of Directors

Jonas Larsson Gadd

Jonas is Chairman of  the Board at BRG. He is a business advisor with 15+ years of experience from supporting management teams in their strategic and operational work.

Karin Ljungren

Karin is a business advisor with strong entrepreneurship and marketing skills.  10+ years of experience from supporting management teams in their strategic and business development work.

Björn Öste

Björn plays a vital role as brand ambassador for our mission while also providing our team with expert insights and guidance, crucial to the development of our business acumen on matters like, product market fit, strategic partnerships and investor relations.